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Preferred Benefit Services, LLC (PBS) is an independent insurance and financial service provider that serves as a complete financial network. PBS has offered a complete range of insurance and annuity products for over 35 years and prides itself above all, on personable and reliable service. The company has enjoyed steady growth, stability of leadership, and industry success over the course of its history. Our professional team has proven success in both group and individualized care --- specifically focusing on providing asset protection for our customers.
Since its inception, PBS has been one of the preeminent providers to focus on the needs of the government, postal, and military employees. Over the past 15 years, we have been recognized as an industry leader in assisting seniors and individuals with preexisting medical conditions. People in business have their own set of issues and concerns and we are eager and well-equipped to address them.

Secure financial planning is of paramount value in today’s economic times. PBS is fully versed in current monetary issues and is equipped to assist customers in all areas of insurance, securities, and financial planning. Long term relationships are our ultimate goal. Please contact us and let our experienced professionals help you grab hold of your financial future today.